About CyberExtruder

Formed in the spring of 1999 and now located in the University Heights section of Newark, New Jersey CyberExtruder was conceived to solve some of the thorniest Computer Vision challenges of that time. As the company has evolved and our focus has sharpened, our mission has become quite distinct. CyberExtruder intends to be the world's leading provider of the fast, reliable, and people-friendly identity management systems needed to protect the privacy and security of individuals and businesses.

To this end, CyberExtruder has not only focused on the strongest visually confirmable biometric -- the face, but has been at the forefront of research and development into solutions to facial recognition’s weakest operational elements.  Dealing  with  the  lighting  issues seen  in outdoor environments, subject pose (the angle of the person’s face relative to the camera) and expression (the person’s innate ability to deform their face).

CyberExtruder’s 12 years of research has been single-mindedly aimed at developing a way in which a computer system can not only understand how a human face is composed, but also differentiate one face from another. The Aureus suite allows system architects to create robust and secure authentication portals that can be applied across numerous vertical markets (financial, healthcare, defense, etc.).  Our Aureus 3D Identity Accelerator adapts readily to existing facial recognition systems.


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