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Formed in the spring of 1999 and now located in the University Heights section of Newark, New Jersey CyberExtruder was conceived to achieve one simple goal – to quickly and accurately model a complete human head by using nothing more than a single facial photograph.

At the time, our ideas were said to be impossible but in March of 2000 we filed our first Patent application for the technology we now call Aureus 3D.

As the company has evolved and our focus has sharpened, our mission has become quite distinct.

CyberExtruder intends to be the world’s leading provider of cutting edge facial recognition technology used to protect the security of individuals,  businesses and governmental institutions.

CyberExtruder has focused its research and development on solutions to solve facial recognition’s weakest operational elements – Age, Pose, Illumination and Expression (known as the APIE problem).

about-usThe benefits of our holistic 3D approach to face recognition are particularly evident when viewed in the context of mitigating errors in face matching due to subject pose (the angle of the person’s face relative to the camera) and expression (the person’s innate ability to deform their face).

CyberExtruder’s years of research have been single-mindedly aimed at developing ways in which a computer can not only understand how a human face is composed, but also how to differentiate one face from another. The Aureus 3D suite provides the tools for software developers and system architects to create robust and secure authentication portals which can be applied across vertical markets like loss prevention, financial services, law enforcement and security, healthcare, defense and intelligence and a myriad of marketing and customer service applications.

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