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Facial Recognition is the Government’s New Weapon

February 7th, 2017

Our partner Tygart’s product was recently mentioned in a rising industry article. “…the Georgetown Law report found that five police agencies, including the Los Angeles Police Department, are currently experimenting with real-time face recognition systems. One system used by an intelligence “fusion center” in West Virginia, called “MXserver” boasts the ability to ping a human operator whenever a face matching a “hot list” of flagged individuals walks by a camera.”

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Video Game Firm Cleared of Violating Biometric Privacy

February 3rd, 2017

Biometric privacy claims over facial recognition feature in the video game NBA 2K were dismissed for lack of concrete harm The lawsuit and the ruling were focused on non-security based collections of biometric data, in this case facial images. The ruling in favor of Take-Two it makes you wonder if this will set precedence in other areas like loss prevention where a store might want to use face recognition to deter shoplifters and organized crime.  To view…

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