Aureus 3D delivers improved FR matching results in surveillance applications

CyberExtruder's Aureus 3D family is an all new code base available to facial recognition companies, integrator's and end-users. In this iteration of our technology we have extended the multi-pose extruder to +/- 35 degrees yaw (add-ons to +/-70 degrees yaw are also available). In many environments the system even demonstrates the ability to track facial features all the way up to profile images.

Aureus 3D Software Developer's Kit

The Aureus 3D SDK has a rich feature set that will empower your facial recognition infrastructure. Conceptually Aureus 3D is very simple - give it an image, make a 3D model of the face seen in the image and output a new, optimized image.  When you add Aureus 3D into your tool chain you'll see immediate results. From a reduction in your Failure to Enroll Rate and False Rejection Rate to a huge jump in real-time monitoring effectiveness the benefits to having Aureus 3D in-line will become as clear as the nose on your face!

Aureus 3D Application Developer's Interface

CyberExtruder’s Aureus 3D API program was put together for developers who want to build applications that use content from, and interact with, CyberExtruder’s 2D to 3D reconstruction technology. The Aureus 3D API is what is known as a RESTful web service for the expressed purpose of enabling authorized individuals and companies the ability to create their own applications using CyberExtuder’s Aureus 3D technology, as well as integrating Aureus 3D technology into their internal operations.