Aureus 3Dv

Aureus 3DvAureus 3Dv is the only software available which performs 3D facial recognition matching while using conventional video as an input. Aureus 3Dv does this by reconstructing a subject’s facial image, in a 3D format, and factors in varied poses and facial expressions, compensates for poor lighting – and even partial images.

In the past it was enough for a face matcher to be able to compare two still images and accurately determine if they were of the same person. This is no longer the case. The proliferation of IP video cameras have shifted the requirements for a face matching system to be able to quickly and accurately process any face seen in a video scene and render a determination as to identity.

For the most part, surveillance cameras are traditionally mounted overhead so they can follow a person’s movements through a scene. Because of this, individual frames taken from these cameras make it difficult, if not impossible, for facial recognition software to track movements let alone identify the person – unless of course they happen to look directly into the camera. Aureus 3Dv has the greatest capacity to understand these images of any face recognition company. Even so, for best results the system operator will need to think in terms of what is best for face recognition as opposed to what is best for surveillance.

We need to underscore this last point. Camera position and set up are as important as any other single factor in a face recognition system. Aureus 3Dv provides the most forgiving environment available but the fact remains that if the camera can’t see the face, the software can’t match it.

When Aureus 3Dv begins to reconstruct a face, its patented processes are able to determine the person’s original pose relative to the camera. Having this information allows Aureus 3Dv to produce results which lead to matches when the subjects may be turned away from the camera as much as 70° and/or looking up or down by as much as 25°. No other system has been able to accomplish this.

Aureus 3Dv is the real-time monitoring version of CyberExtruder’s Aureus 3D software suite. This version of Aureus was designed specifically to monitor video feeds with the goal of recognizing individuals who pass in front of the surveillance cameras.

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