Preserving law and order and ensuring the safety and security of citizens is the task of the Police Department. Modern cities have become more congested and can routinely see their daytime populations double. Aureus 3D generates face templates quickly and can scale to handle these ever increasing and varied populations.

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law enforcement biometrics and safe city applications of aureus facial recognition technology can help keep tunnels and bridges safe

Face recognition, part of the modern law enforcement biometrics arsenal.

The idea of the Safe City is a paradigm shift to mesh with modern cities’ approach to state-of-the-art observation, communication and information management. New York City, for example, has led the nation in its effort to protect its residents and visitors by deploying thousands of video cameras throughout lower Manhattan, dubbed ‘The Ring of Steel.’ Then NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly was quoted as saying “There are no guarantees,” he said. “No question about it. What we are trying to do [with the influx of crime-fighting technology] is move the odds in our favor.” Facial recognition software is one of the choice tools in the modern law enforcement arsenal.

New York’s Governor Cuomo has laid out a “transformational plan” to “reimagine New York’s crossings” for the future. This plan calls for the installation of high-performance face recognition software in order to manage and track the estimated 800,000 daily drivers who utilize the city’s extensive network of bridges and tunnels. With budgets shrinking and demands on resources raising, you need the best technology at the best price.  Maintaining the good governance of a municipality necessitates the use of cutting edge technology to maintain situational awareness and ensure appropriate responses to any event that come up.


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