Shoplifting and Organized Retail Crime are major contributors to the external loss component of inventory shrink. The 2016 National Retail Security Survey (NRSS), authored each year by Dr. Richard Hollinger for the National Retail Federation, reports that retailers say inventory shrink accounted for 1.38 percent of sales, or $45.2 billion, in 2015. CyberExtruder’s Aureus 3D family of products offer retail loss prevention solutions because our facial recognition software can identify the faces of potential criminals before they act.

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Facial Recognition as a Retail Loss Prevention Solution

retail loss prevention solutions


With over $123 million of retail losses per day nationwide, situations similar to the one shown in the video to the left are becoming all too commonplace. Bricks and mortar retailers nationwide are desperate for retail loss prevention solutions that work.

Shoplifting and Organized Retail Crime result in substantial financial and security concerns. Retailers nationwide are looking to biometric face recognition technology to mitigate the loss before it walks out the door.

If you are a loss prevention professional with responsibility for protecting your company’s inventory we have face recognition software to meet your needs. Whether you choose to make face recognition equipment visible as a deterrent or employ a more subtle and strategic deployment, Aureus 3D is a simple to use and easy to install face recognition solution designed specifically for use in live, uncontrolled environments. Organized Retail Crime and shoplifters will opt to go elsewhere rather than take the chance of being recognized.


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