Video Management Software is the tip of the spear for situational awareness because it provides operators with convenient and constant monitoring for their enterprise with access to live and recorded video. Aureus 3D’s automated facial recognition aids security professionals by alerting them of known criminals or simply tracking a subject more accurately.

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CyberExtruder Facial Recognition can be integrated into video management software

Facial Recognition is critical for overall property security.

As VMS systems grow to embrace full featured video content analysis and event management, the most asked for analytic is now facial recognition. End-users who are evaluating VMS systems realize that including facial recognition is critical to the overall security of any property.

The addition of Aureus 3D facial recognition with its simple to use Export Connector architecture means the operators can transition from a reactive to a proactive stance. The VMS is no longer the post-event, mop up tool but now an effective preventative measure. From the outset, Aureus 3D has been designed to easily connect with third party software through an easy to configure Export Connector.


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