homeland security facial recognition surveillance system

Department of Homeland Security Rushing to Roll Out Facial Recognition Surveillance System

While Aliya Sternstein correctly describes the situation at US airports in this article when she says “The Department of Homeland Security is rushing to roll out a multibillion dollar facial recognition surveillance system that will equip US airports with facial recognition software”, she doesn’t mention that the Entry-Exit task in front of DHS also includes land and sea portals.

Not to minimize the scope of the airport system, but imagine the system that has to handle the traffic crossing from New York or Michigan into Canada every day. The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority alone sees 18,500 truck crossings daily. Now think about how an airport system needs to integrate with a land crossing system and the complexity becomes substantially greater.

Bottom line is that the face recognition technology to process everyone isn’t the bottleneck to deployment. Getting all the disparate agencies and authorities on the same page and communicating with one another in a standardized fashion is the issue.