Through licensing agreements, CyberExtruder enables government and commercial clients to develop proprietary facial recognition software applications. The Aureus SDK provides an easy to manage and user-friendly process for integrating our state of the art facial recognition capabilities into other end use applications.

For ease of installation, CyberExtruder provides Aureus 3D facial recognition technology software development kits for both Windows and Linux platforms. The Aureus SDK’s development kit includes functions and modules for a variety of end use cases. These modules include subject identification in video and still images, image quality check, and subject identity verification.

A universal export connector allows the SDK to interact with Video Management Systems, Physical Security Information Management Systems, Access Control Devices and other Internet of Things.

Often the challenges for our partners is what happens after the matching. CyberExtruder has taken the next giant step towards making your enhanced video analytics the most powerful tool imaginable. This is possible with The Export Connector built into the Aureus 3Dv. The Connector is designed to make connectivity with other platforms as easy as filling out a form!

Please contact us for a facial recognition demo or to discuss your requirements for a facial recognition technology solution.